Update, as of January 2012

Since the Simpson Center DRSI completed, I’ve continued work on the database — and with the start of the school year, returned to teaching and dissertating.

I’m currently learning to work with the APIs for Google Books, and the Hathi Trust Repository; and to effectively search the collection of titles released to the public by Eighteenth Century Collections Online. This is my first experience working with APIs, but it’s important — once I can effectively use APIs to gather data, I’ll be much closer to being able to present Visible Prices as a tool that can make existing archives more useful. (Editing and correcting the data, however, will be another big step.)

Much of the project development is available for anyone to see — but not all of it. If there’s something you’re curious about, or want to see more of, just write me — and I’ll be happy to tell you more, or show you what I’m doing in greater detail.


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