Visible Prices is coming to the DHSI Colloquium in June!

I am delighted to announce that I’ll be speaking about Visible Prices at the DHSI Colloquium at the University of Victoria this June (exact date and time TBA). I’ll be speaking about the challenges that arise from working with TEI on a project at the intersection of literary history and economics; the thrills of coaxing price information out of massive databases using APIs; not to mention just showing what VP might do, and how it might enrich classroom experience in several different ways.

I’ve been fairly quiet on most of my usual web fronts. The last part of the dissertation has demanded a lot of attention, as have a couple of new teaching methods that I’ve been implementing — but look for more in this space shortly, including the first official VP twitter feed.

Update, as of January 2012

Since the Simpson Center DRSI completed, I’ve continued work on the database — and with the start of the school year, returned to teaching and dissertating.

I’m currently learning to work with the APIs for Google Books, and the Hathi Trust Repository; and to effectively search the collection of titles released to the public by Eighteenth Century Collections Online. This is my first experience working with APIs, but it’s important — once I can effectively use APIs to gather data, I’ll be much closer to being able to present Visible Prices as a tool that can make existing archives more useful. (Editing and correcting the data, however, will be another big step.)

Much of the project development is available for anyone to see — but not all of it. If there’s something you’re curious about, or want to see more of, just write me — and I’ll be happy to tell you more, or show you what I’m doing in greater detail.