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Demystifying Workshops | Demystifying Workshops – Paige Morgan

Paige Morgan

Demystifying Workshops

Sarah Kremen-Hicks and I developed Demystifying Digital Humanities (DMDH) in 2012 at the University of Washington (UW), with funding from the Simpson Center for the Humanities and the UW Textual Studies program. In 2013, Simpson Center funding was renewed for a second year, and Brian Gutierrez joined DMDH as a third collaborator.

In 2014, Brian and Sarah continued DMDH at the University of Washington while I moved the curriculum to McMaster University in conjunction with a postdoc in the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, and adapted the materials to include students from social and natural science disciplines.

In 2015, Brian and Sarah handed off the UW program to Beth Lytle and Athea Merredyth, graduate students in the UW iSchool.

Materials related to the 2012-15 iterations of the curriculum can be found at DMDH.org — however, the content and appearance of that site may change depending on what Beth and Athea choose to do with the curriculum.

I am in the process of setting up a github repository for the materials for ease of adaptation. In the meantime, this page is a good source for current material.


Workshop Slides (via Slideshare)

Revised Values (as of 2014)

Original Values (as of 2012)

Original Grant Application (2012)

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