Paige Morgan

Current Endeavors: #DMDH, #AcWriMo, #DigiWriMo

I’m revising my dissertation chapters (how nice to say revising, rather than writing!), and working on Visible Prices — but most of what I’ve been doing recently is visible over at Demystifying Digital Humanities (known on Twitter as #dmdh), the site that accompanies the workshops I’ve been teaching with Sarah Kremen-Hicks at the Simpson Center for the Humanities at UW.

As one of the UW’s 2012 HASTAC Scholars, I’m also blogging occasionally over at the main HASTAC site.

And this month, I’m taking part in two online writing events: Digital Writing Month, or #digiwrimo; and Academic Writing Month (#acwrimo).

Ironically, I do most of my writing with a pencil in a narrow-ruled notebook — but no one’s said that I couldn’t use the digits on my hands, rather than the digital interface of my laptop.

I am aiming, perhaps improbably, for four chapter revisions, a conference paper, and 2 blog posts a week. We’ll see how this goes.

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