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Paige Morgan

Paige Morgan



I’m the Digital Humanities Librarian at the University of Miami.

My primary digital scholarship interests are:

  • Developing curriculum for graduate students, staff, and faculty to learn about digital humanities/digital scholarship (aka DH & DS). The curriculum that I co-founded, Demystifying Digital Humanities is ongoing at the University of Washington and at the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, where I was a CLIR-DLF Postdoctoral Fellow, and you can see my recent slidesets at Slideshare.
  • Digital scholarship service infrastructure: what’s needed in order to make things (programs, classes, centres, etc.) successful — and how to improve things that aren’t working quite as intended.
  • Linked open data, aka semantic web, aka RDF: the platform that I’m using to build my own digital humanities project, Visible Prices — a database of price information from literary and historical sources.

I also help people work with a number of different tools/platforms (including Omeka, MIT’s Simile, Google Fusion tables, Prism, Digress.it, Scalar, Gephi, WordPress, and Twitter) for various projects: research, teaching, and for developing their own DH research identity.

In June 2014, I finished my Ph.D. at the University of Washington, in the Department of English and Textual Studies program. My dissertation research focused on the intersection of literature and economic thought in 18th and 19th century Britain. It’s adjacent to my Visible Prices project, and more traditional, rather than DH, but turning it into a book will almost certainly require me to use some DH tools, and I expect to write about that publicly as I do it.

At this site, you’ll find my public writings about my research; information and handouts related to teaching literature and composition; samples of my graphic design work; and occasional notes on how working with technology enhances or presents obstacles for my ongoing projects.


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